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    Features * Standard working level 1Am, if you have special needs, through appropriate regulation (such as reducing the intensity of the rated load or duty cycle) will be working level to 3m * standard main circuit contactor to enhance job security. * Maintenance-free gear. * Standard thermal overload protection. * Optimization of the shell structure for better heat dissipation, is conducive to cooling. * 50% of single-speed model with a continuous electrical connection rate. * Brake normally closed using a more secure structure, only in case of power through the electromagnetic coil spring action can open the brake pressure. Even in the case of sudden power failure can not happen to ensure that heavy objects fall freely. * Safety clutch can be adjusted by an external knob for easy setup and adjustment to ensure job security. * Electrical protection rating of IP55 * Working power as a standard 380V-3-50Hz * control handle on the human body using a safer 42V low-voltage control, but also has IP65 protection rating. * Handle new types of suspension can reduce the clearance size for a compact space for the work environment. * Guide chain device with anti-wear polyurethane coated fibers. * The use of oil-immersed gear lubrication, finishing hardened helical gears provide smoother operation and longer gear life.

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