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    • Rated load can provide 1 / 4 to 2 tons and is equipped with the standard 10, 15 and 20 feet lifting height. Also provide non-standard lifting height. • Operating voltage can provide three-phase single-phase 115/230V or 230/460V, 208V, 380V, 415V, 575V, 50 Hz optional or standard 60hz. • the use of steel casing and insulation class F motor housing, extended service life. Working-level for H4, is ideal for heavy industry operating environment. • NEMA 3R enclosure meets the criteria, there are weather-resistant design. • 5-nest lifting sprocket wheel design, to enhance the traditional 4 warrants the lifting sprocket chain and sprocket engagement degree to hoist run more smoothly and reduce chain wear. • Comes standard with overload protection device, making the hoist, operator and supporting structure or chain of failures due to overload without damage. • Comes standard with upper and lower limit device, can effectively control the stroke. • designed specifically for heavy industrial disc brakes, reliable, heavy lifting and positioning directly. • the use of oil lubrication of the steel material of the gear mechanism to extend the service life and reduce operating noise. • Suitable for single and double-speed manual or electric trolley car. • Fine-made car wheels, suitable for flat or cone-beam, the material can also choose copper or stainless steel. • can be equipped with the patented wheel track option.


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