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  • Product Name:KELC electric chain hoists Electric Trolley 
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    Food or pharmaceutical - grade can be used for clean operation, use the electric chain hoist, hoist the use of such by the U.S. FDA approved epoxy enamel, stainless steel hook and chain, and apply food grade gear transmission lubricants. Anti-corrosion applications - Optional Galvanized lifting chain and hook, and closed the original motor and electronic devices. Explosion or fire flower applications - explosion-proof rating for Class 1 / 2, Div.2, Group C & D & F & G. Options include explosion-proof level of the corresponding control panel, stainless steel lifting chain and hook and safety relays. Fine operation - Yale Series of electric chain hoist lifting speed to accommodate a variety of customer needs. Optional two-speed (the speed ratio 3:1), and frequency control (10:1 speed ratio). Outdoor work - optional weatherproof outdoor job options, including galvanized steel lifting chain, waterproof shell and closed electronics components.
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