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  • Product Name:Lodestar XL-type pneumatic chain hoist, Yale 
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    Lodestar XL-type pneumatic chain hoist, Yale rated load up to 7.5 tonnes and the continuously variable transmission with a high level of work to precise positioning, it can not provide power ideal for hazardous environments. At 90 PSI air pressure per minute to run 9-31 feet. Using the control handle operation, fine positioning. Handle with hanging hook or hanging way. Handle with hanging hanging way push / hand cart with pneumatic or used car. Composed of six leaves or smooth air motor operation with high knowledge. Start using a short tube valves more stable. Air motor brake can effectively control weight. The precise forging steel by oil lubricated gear drive mechanism may be more long-term and quiet operation. 10-Warrant of lifting sprocket, can operate more smoothly and reduce chain wear. With overload protection device to prevent the hoist, operator and other operations due to overload damage. Optional spark Options - provides copper hook, stainless steel safety hasp and quality plated load chain


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