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  • KALC type pneumatic chain hoist, Yale
  • Product Name:KALC type pneumatic chain hoist, Yale 
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    KALC type pneumatic chain hoist, Yale die-cast aluminum housing and closed bearings, light weight, rugged, easy to carry; the use of sophisticated gear cutting and heat treatment processing of transmission, with a quiet and efficient operation; using spring-loaded design WESTON load brake, can accurately locate objects; overload protection device to prevent overload; composed of eight blades with a high torque air motor, smooth operation. Built-in silencer to reduce noise; with operating handle can be accurately locate objects; precision-engineered throttle measure air pressure, make the operation more stable; fine positioning - speeds up and down in weight to a maximum of zero between continuous variables. Can operate at very high temperatures - can be operated at high temperatures without the need for additional protection. Provide higher speed requirements - very demanding requirements for speed of application, Yale air chain hoists series offers higher speed

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