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    YAL-type pneumatic chain hoist, there are two control methods - rope control, design of lightweight and economical, precise control of heavy loads; control handle means, one-handed control, easy to operate. Built with the use of rotating inlet filter devices. Aluminum shell, light weight, easy to carry. Work for high-level brake brake application device. Fine positioning - weight up and down speeds between zero to maximum continuous variables. Can operate at very high temperatures - can be operated at high temperatures without the need for additional protection. Provide higher speed requirements - very demanding requirements for speed of application, Yale air chain hoists series offers higher speeds. Away from the risk of electric shock - Pneumatic hoist pneumatic power source, so far from the shock than the electric hoist with a significant advantage. Fire Flower Options - can be applied to the existence of combustible material in a use environment. Easy maintenance - than the electric hoist no contactors, transformers, motors components, fuses, etc. need to replace parts. As long as the gas source and provide quality lubricant, Yale pneumatic chain hoists series is very easy to maintain.

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