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    Lifting Equipment Co., Ltd., Henan Province, Zheng from the plant in 1957, is a national quality standard material handling equipment manufacturers of brand-name products, long history, equipment, advanced technology, known throughout the country, design and manufacture of "Zheng from the" card from the heavy equipment, all issued by the State to obtain "production license", have been awarded provincial and municipal "excellent Enterprise", "science and technology enterprises", "quality Management" award and the honorary title, it is the Central Plains region produce the most varieties of lifting equipment whole, the largest production and sales enterprises, China heavy Machinery industry Association, and in 1998 passed the ISO9001 quality certification, is the leading business association crane Central Plains, the association set up in my company venue.
             Enterprises have experienced technical personnel and technical team, product designed and implemented CAD, CAPP-aided design, products widely used in defense, aerospace, nuclear industry, iron and steel, chemicals, electric power, ferrous metallurgy and other industries, due to the technological content of the product itself constantly improved, and its scope of application extends to the high-tech and specialty industries. And with the north, Zhengzhou Machinery Research Institute and other long-term friendly relations of cooperation.
             My company employs more than 1180 people, produces a variety of dual-beam, grab, more than 4,500 sets of gantry cranes, structural parts in the workshop production, without any objective conditions of production (such as weather, temperature) influence, thus ensuring the products quality, guaranteed delivery. My company specializes in the production of special crane workshop, such as multi-function cranes, stacker cranes can be assembled in the factory test. And the acquisition of large-scale pre-production line of steel, from the fundamental guarantee for the protection of large-scale structure of the surface level, we always attach importance to personnel training and the introduction, focusing on internal management, and strengthen the sense of quality, efforts to develop new products, take the initiative to meet the needs of the market, the establishment of perfect after-sales service system, to win the market, has won user. In recent years economic benefits in the forefront of the national industry, per capita GDP among the best in the same industry.
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