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Shandong own brand overseas market expansion to bring the whole machinery industry exports grew 6.53

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Raw materials outside the market outside the main features of the two out of the traditional foreign trade enterprises. In recent years, Shandong Machinery Industry Enterprise "research and development" and "marketing" new "two out" leveraging demand in foreign markets, expanding profit margins, major economic indicators ranked second in the country.

Not long ago, Foton Lovol 8000 sets of agricultural export orders formally complete the handover in Mongolia, this is by far the domestic agricultural equipment export biggest single order. Be able to stand out in the fierce competition with many well-known domestic brand, thanks to the Foton Lovol a new "two out" development strategy. Foton Lovol has set up R & D centers in Europe, Japan, in the world has opened up more than 300 sales channels, products are exported to more than 120 countries and regions. The first three quarters, Foton Lovol overseas market sales increased by more than 55%.

"The new two outer" changed the old patterns of the past, only to earn the processing fee, has greatly increased the profitability of the business space, becoming the choice of more and more machinery enterprises in Shandong. The first eight months, "Revo", Shantui, "Corey", "temporary workers" of Shandong own brand expansion in overseas markets, driving the whole machinery industry exports grew by 6.53 percent.

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