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Thailand's infrastructure investment plan or will help China's construction machinery exports

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The largest investment program in the history of Thailand is about to start, the Thai Prime Minister British pull in Bangkok on October 5, revealed that a total of up to $ 90 billion, this program will be mainly used for the construction of infrastructure projects in the region, in order to meet the expected in 2015 ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), which was built and the rapid development of the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) Economic needs.


Thailand, the Bangkok Post reported that the investment plans announced in the keynote speech at the Investment Conference in Thailand a few days ago, Prime Minister of Thailand, the British pull. British pull, as the center of ASEAN, Thailand has played an important role to ensure that interconnection within the region. The Thai government plans in Thailand - Laos high-speed rail, Thailand flood prevention and control management and other engineering projects. Thai Government sources also revealed that this investment plan will last for seven years, the main source of funds to rely on credit. Thailand's $ 90 billion investment plan, no doubt, will the current downturn in the domestic construction machinery enterprises to provide a huge opportunity. Southeast Asia as a whole is crucial for construction machinery enterprises in China.


Southeast Asia's economic rise of engineering machinery hot market


The introduction of investment plans in Thailand concern throughout the Southeast Asian market, however, has greater market potential. 2012, in the face of the debt crisis, the Spanish real estate bubble in the world economy as a whole deal with Depression, Southeast Asia has sprung up everywhere. Along with the building of houses, roads, power plants and other infrastructure construction projects continue to be launched, Southeast Asia's rapid economic growth has become the hot spots of the Chinese construction machinery exports.


Since 2002, Indonesia's construction industry is booming, with the construction of infrastructure investment on the demand for construction machinery and equipment, used for highways, railways, ports, airports, power plants and other projects totaling $ 230 billion. According to the Indonesian government's plan to 2030, the National Railway Department should be able to add 12,100 kilometers of railway lines. Indonesian infrastructure market has great potential. Adjust the structure facing the economic development of Malaysia, the period of development to seek new growth points, the state will further improve infrastructure to attract foreign investment and private capital investment project construction, engineering machinery products have broad market. Vietnam is a relatively weak state of the manufacturing sector, weak infrastructure, a major obstacle in the development process in Vietnam's industrial zone. Currently, Vietnam's infrastructure construction projects is on the rise, the large demand for construction machinery and eager, the Vietnamese domestic industry is still in its infancy, can not meet the needs of social development, machinery and equipment of more than 90% dependent on foreign imports. Excavators, bulldozers, graders, rollers, lift, tower cranes, concrete mixing equipment, steel parts, truck cranes, piling machinery products were in great demand for construction machinery enterprises in China, which can be described as a Millennium rare development opportunity. Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and other countries on behalf of the economic development of the state of the entire Southeast Asian region, the demand for construction machinery products to Southeast Asia this year no less.


China Construction Machinery brand crisis coexist


Southeast Asia market prospect is broad, but the competition is fierce. In Indonesia, for example, the of Indonesia emerging markets for construction machinery enterprises in China, full of hope and opportunity. As early as in the 1990s, a number of leading enterprises in the industry began to actively explore the markets of ASEAN countries and Indonesia. The Liugong product was first in 1997 to the Indonesian market through import and export company, Liugong products before formally entering the Indonesian market in 2006. Now Liugong annual sales of construction machinery in Indonesia for more than 300 units, including loaders, excavators, road rollers, concrete equipment. Since after the establishment of the the Shantui Singapore subsidiary, its business coverage to Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, the Southeast Asian market. The Shantui early in 2000 to enter the Indonesian market, one of the major markets for the Indonesian market is its constantly open up. Sunward (002,097, stock it) the static pile driver in the Indonesian market demand for more, the Sunward annual sales in Southeast Asia rotary drilling rig, submersible drilling rig, medium-sized excavators about 100 units, and sales of about 40 units in Indonesia.


Lonking explore the Indonesian market is not ideal, because the brand of Japan and South Korea and the United States has firmly occupied the Indonesian market, China loader sales of only about 500 to 600 units per year in Indonesia.


Although China's exports of construction machinery products from the technical level to the cost-effective, more suitable for the needs of the market of the ten ASEAN countries. However, because the United States Jimmy Carter, Japan, Komatsu, Hitachi, Sumitomo, Kobelco and other enterprises have entered the Indonesian market for decades, and have been built factory, the Indonesian construction machinery market is highly competitive. Japan, South Korea, the United States used excavators occupy the majority of the Indonesian market, the price is low, the impact of the new machine sales. Chinese construction machinery if you want long-term foothold in Southeast Asia, is also necessary to increase brand awareness.

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