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14 companies were machinery products into a new bright spot of Quanzhou export "export pass

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From the the Quanzhou Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau was informed that from January to October, the council inspection and supervision of exports of machinery products of quality permit exports of 1573 batch, the value of $ 83,338,200, an increase of 40.32% and 58.65%, respectively, year on year, the export situation is gratifying mechanical products have become a new bright spot in Quanzhou Export.

According to reports, the export countries in order to strengthen the quality management of design safety, health and other important export commodities to ensure that the quality of export commodities, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the parties concerned of foreign trade, and promote the development of foreign economic relations and trade and the implementation of a mandatory product quality and quality licensing system accreditation system. In accordance with the relevant provisions included in the export quality license system management products, its producers must obtain export product quality permit in accordance with the regulations, otherwise no export. Machinery manufacturing enterprises in Quanzhou area, export quality license its exports pass.

"Since the beginning of this year, there have been five companies export machinery product quality permits, coupled with previously obtained, Quanzhou accumulated 14 card a dedicated machine plumbing processing industry, involving the export of goods, bench drill, lead-acid batteries, the internal combustion forklift trucks, woodworking machinery, tractors council for stakeholders, at the same time, there is an export capacity of lead-acid storage battery enterprises and export of internal combustion counterbalanced forklift companies on-site audit by the export quality license is awaiting approval . This broader Quanzhou machinery to expand overseas market has laid a good foundation.

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