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Chang Chai Shunli through the inspection-free export of First Instance audit

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November 8th to the 9th to the company, the audit team of experts appointed by the Jiangsu Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau inspection-free export of First Instance, the last meeting was held on the afternoon of the 9th, after a two-day audit. At the meeting, the audit team announced that the company inspection-free export of qualified candidates conclusion, participants applause to congratulate Chang Chai Shunli through the trial.

In the last meeting, in accordance with the agenda of the meeting, the audit team first informed the two days of the audit, the audit team were informed of the audit situation, and Changchai rectification is completed within 15 days of non-conformities found in the audit after the provincial Bureau verify. The general manager of the company He Jianguang on behalf of the company on the audit conclusions stand to speak, He Jianguang, general manager of the provincial bureau, PUC expert guidance and leadership expressed his gratitude and said that the will of qualified candidates as the starting point of the next step, in order to better face and honors repay you for your support.

Changzhou Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Zhu Jianming Secretary at the meeting of the year to check enterprise cooperation process summarized the expert guidance of and Changchai efforts to thank his support of the provincial bureau, Zhu Jianming concluded, often firewood in the creation of export inspection-free process, so that all members can participate, go all out, full rectification to raise the overall, he hopes Changchai recognize the new situation in the future to enhance the new brand to launch a new initiative to create a new performance. Li Jin, Jiangsu Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Inspection Director of Management Services Changchai through the trial to focus on the management of the testing center, focusing on the on-site management and quality process technology and other sectors, focusing on the technical regulations of the exporting country and exporting regions requirements, he said, will fully support Changchai meet the final for the early offer Changchai Centennial gift.

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