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China's machine tool exports decline in the domestic machine tool market is not optimistic

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It is understood that, due to the rising cost of China's machine tool equipment manufacturers, domestic machine tool companies also bear considerable pressure on profits. In the past, China's machine tool products in the international market is very price advantage, but under the pressure of rising costs and the appreciation of the renminbi, this price advantage has become increasingly obvious, and many developed countries because of the economic downturn and reduced machine tool equipment imports.

U.S. and European markets continued downturn in the export of China's machine tool industry is indeed caused a great impact, but China's machine tool industry should not sit still, should actively explore new markets. Southeast Asia is very fast economic development in recent years, the demand of China's machine tool products. Enter the "12th Five-Year", the state placed in the machine tool industry, a very important position, given many policy support.

Experts believe that, especially in Thailand, India and other countries, the price of China's machine tool products relative to Japan, Germany, and other high-end machine tools, more popular in these developing markets. In recent years, China has some machine tool enterprises aiming to prepare the force of the Southeast Asian market. The domestic machine tool industry to break the winter period, the Southeast Asian market will bring good opportunities for development.

China's machine tool industry started later than abroad, digestion and absorption through the introduction of foreign advanced technology, the development of China's machine tool industry has also made a lot of achievements. However, due to the unstable global economic development of the debt crisis, this year, the turnover of the global machine tool market is not high, China's machine tool products exports also declined.

China's machine tool industry is in a period of internal and external problems coexist, how we can get through this period of time to usher in a new development of China's machine tool companies are thinking about the problem. The domestic machine tool market is not optimistic, a time that China's machine tool industry to enter the winter period of clamor on the cloud. After joining the WTO, China's machine tool export deficit gradually reduced, while the development of China's machine tool industry, but also brought a huge threat facing the foreign-funded enterprises.


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