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China's import and export of construction machinery industry by the deficit becomes a surplus

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Recently, the China Construction Machinery Industry Association the senior engineer statistical information director, said Lu Ying, despite the large-scale international financial crisis and foreign brands to enter the Chinese market in 2008, but the trend of rapid development of China's construction machinery industry has not changed, has been in growth in the ups and downs.

Lu Ying, China's construction machinery industry started relatively late, rapid development in the reform and opening-up. 10 years since the convening of the 16th Party Congress, the golden age of the rapid development of China's construction machinery industry, construction machinery manufacturing enterprises in China to learn from foreign advanced experience, courage, innovation, and has expanded rapidly.

A set of data can be clearly reflect China's construction machinery industry development and changes of the past 10 years: from the operating income, the national construction machinery industry in 2001 is only 56 billion yuan in 2011 to 546.5 billion yuan, an increase of nearly 10 times. Scale from the enterprise point of view, in 2001, only a 1.2-billion in annual sales of the large-scale construction machinery enterprises; 2011, there are three annual sales of more than 800 billion, 12 with annual sales of over 10 billion yuan enterprises, more than 100 million yuan of annual sales of more than 100 enterprises. It is worth mentioning that from 2006 the annual growth rate in sales of construction machinery industry in more than 20%.

Large construction machinery manufacturing technology is complex and difficult to manufacture, small batch production of high-value, operational risks, are afraid to get involved in a lot of construction machinery enterprises. Because the needs of the large national infrastructure, petrochemical, metallurgy, electric power construction projects, the focus on research and development of the urgent and large-scale construction machinery and equipment development goals established in the national "Eleventh Five-Year Plan".

In support of a series of national industrial policy and fiscal policy, a number of key enterprises have been able to manufacture 26 kinds of engineering machinery common on the international market, and its quality is not lost on foreign products. Where large crawler cranes, all terrain cranes, large bulldozers, large concrete pump trucks, paving machines and other products sold around the world.

In 10 years, the market share of China's construction machinery products has been greatly improved. Lu Ying, said that 10 years ago, many mechanical products domestic; existing engineering machinery products and international products there is a big gap; small scale industries, backward production technology, coupled with foreign brands inroads into the cause of national brands in the construction machinery market share of about 5%. After 10 years of development, China's construction machinery products from scratch, has formed the scale of production.

Related data show that the excavator production in China in 2001 was only 1.2 million units, about 16 million units in 2011; crawler cranes in 2001 only a few dozen, lifting capacity of 100 tons crawler crane maximum lifting capacity up to 3,000 tons; number of sales units in 2007, China's construction machinery products sales of the world from 2009 to this year, the first in the world of sales revenue.

Lu Ying, 10 years, a lot of construction machinery enterprises "go abroad. Data show that in 2001, China's construction machinery exports of $ 690 million, and imports of $ 1.55 billion; 2011, China's construction machinery exports to $ 15.91 billion, and imports of $ 9.05 billion.

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