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The XEMC reload exported to Australia 230 t electric wheel dump truck success offline

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Recently, Hunan Electric reload test Ping, the festive fireworks rising, under the witness of the company cadres and workers involved in the project construction and supervision of Rio Tinto representatives of the company exports to Australia's Rio Tinto 230 tons of SF33901 type electric wheel dump truck supple to pull out of the carts plant. Group General Manager Chen Feixiang announced: 230 tons of SF33901 type electric wheel dump truck off the assembly line successfully.

The model is the Hunan Electric heavy equipment company according to the climatic conditions of Australia and Rio Tinto mine work environment to build a new product. Design, manufacture, full adoption of the Australian Standard; high reliability, to configure a new engine, low emission, strong power; the world's leading exchange propulsion system, reliable, high efficiency.

It is understood that the export of Australian Rio Tinto of 230 tons of SF33901 type electric wheel dump truck a total of 4 units, the entire batch of vehicles is expected to be in May, all off the assembly line, will depart in June transported to Australia.


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