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Why crane manufacturer flocked to Australia

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It is difficult to imagine which wheeled cranes or crawler crane manufacturers are now actively seeking market opportunities in Australia. Contrast to the economic stability and prosperity in Europe or the United States, Australia, the situation is good.


Near the Far East South


Australia always Asian manufacturers like market. From first exposure to Western quality standards, compliance and service concept. On a 1960s and 1970s, Japan had in Australia "study" to our customers' expectations. The Japanese did not disappoint, to produce high quality products and occupy the dominant position of the truck cranes, off-road tire cranes and crawler crane market, most of its production crane is still in use. The leader of these crane Tadano 55t GT-550EX, it swept all before product sales in Australia more than 100 units, was interrupted until 2009. Was Kato product of a strong brand in the Australian market, its 55t NK550VR with China FAW chassis, have not been able to repeat the glory of the multi-field product. After to reach the semifinals in the Australian crane rental market this tonnage level of the core products on the market, a rising star. Tadano 60t the new GT600EX may be able to catch the baton of the GT-550EX, but its ability to meet the Australian road regulations on the private rental crane requirements remain skeptical.

In the past 5-6 years, the Chinese people trying to copy the path of the Japanese. In 2006-2008, Australia's imports and sales of 150 truck cranes and crawler cranes, which shows that this practice of the Chinese people by local dealers and users was warmly welcomed.

Although these results are local importers after the greatest efforts to obtain the old road, but China's success does not go Japanese. Which the Australian distributor for the Chinese people through the clutter and open up the market fully informed of the practice of Chinese manufacturers to local customers on the demands and needs credit.

To do this, these dealers through the efforts of the extraordinary time, but no one has the Australian crane and manufacturers (ACM) to do more work. Melbourne dealer is first introduced to the Australian crane manufacturers, imported XCMG truck crane series. Few independent distributors in Australia can like the ACM first 80s of the last century to import Liebherr all terrain crane Tadano crane, and adopted as the exclusive agent of the Kobelco crawler crane market leader.

After two years of hard work, ACM strict accordance with the needs of Australia's imports from the weight of 25t to 65t 100 truck crane of XCMG. Soon after, the Brisbane Dellgale began to import in the United Crane, 2007 James Machinery and Equipment Company began importing Sany crawler crane. Although the early emergence of a large number of quality issues, but the crawler crane truck crane overall performance is better.

In the past two years, ACM has spent a lot of time to ensure that imported cranes to meet the needs of users in Australia. Prior to delivery, every new crane or modified cranes must in Campbellfield workshop, the ACM finishing 8 weeks. The original car engine and gearbox have been replaced by the British production of Cummins engine and Allison automatic transmission gearbox of U.S. production. Similarly, the electronic components of the original car was replaced by Australian electronic components produced in China PAT load moment limiter be replaced Luobo Wei torque limiter, and the replacement and improvement on the part of the hydraulic circuit.

To show that the support of ACM products, dealers will extend the shelf life of two years. After such improvements, the cost of a product is higher than the original price staggering $ 100,000, but it reflects the long-term commitment of distributors to market and product.

The same time, the three initial dealer James machinery and equipment the company's business is its parent company, Boom Logistics abatement, and the associated initial dealer Dellgale out of this area due to various reasons, replaced by Melbourne Gleason crane company. ChrisLogan Gleason Corporation (no relation) and Chicago's famous Grove dealers selling used cranes started recently agent Furukawa, Oumi Ge, and the Galizia's products, but in the recent two or three years, sales declined significantly .

Crawler cranes in China is more likely to be accepted, it may be they used less hydraulic and electrical components, no truck crane drive system. Sarens Australian Branch purchased several 80t to 180t crawler crane. Branch manager GerdHendrickx that other users are unwilling to accept the Chinese crane because of its more early failures. He acknowledged that these cranes have reliability problems, and builders in striking major projects or pay a lot for the famous brand products.

Two years ago, purchased the Perth crane rental companies and end the joint venture relationship with the universal crane company, the the Sarens Australian company in Queensland, of Yata La, the Tuggarah of New South Wales and Western Australia Perth set up a large number of rental shops number of crane fleet of nearly 50, and a total of 40 axis Kama Ge self-propelled modular trailer. These cranes including Liebherr LTM1800 from 20t of Franna to 800t of 550t of the LG1550 lattice boom cranes. The Sarens 350t and 400t Liebherr LR1350 and LR1400, 450t and 600t Terex CC2500 and CC2800 crawler crane in Australia, and also to purchase the two TC/CC2800 and two LR1350.


Cycle of the exchange rate


The Australian economy despite the global economic recession has been rebound, but the dramatic downturn of the global economic crisis in 2008, the Australian dollar exchange rate in 2009 import bill rose, or about 40 percent. Record growth in 2008, 2009, the crane imports greatly reduced, only imported 68 all-terrain cranes and 10 off-road tire cranes. With the Australian dollar recovery coupled with the crane steadily growing demand last year, in 2010 imported 68 all-terrain cranes, off-road tire cranes significant increase in imports reached 40.


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