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3600 the world's largest ultra-ton crawler crane XCMG Construction Machinery in operation

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Recently, the world's largest crawler crane - XCMG XCMG Construction Machinery XGC88000 in production, the largest aircraft from the weight of more than 3,600 tons, more than 88,000 tons maximum lifting torque meters, will be the world's largest, most technologically advanced crawler crane, the future will be mainly used in national petrochemical, coal chemical and nuclear power fields.


 XCMG XGC88000 crawler crane is the national "863 Program", also XCMG and Sinopec Group, a joint development project. In 2010, XCMG Construction Machinery and Sinopec Group, signed a 3,000-ton crawler crane joint development projects. October this year, because the super crawler crane in the practical application of research and development and accumulation of solid, super XCMG crawler crane project was formally incorporated into the Ministry of Science 863 projects subject in the "second five" R & D over 3500 tons of super crawler crane.


 R & D process, XCMG and Sinopec both technical staff of R & D program through the dozens of discussion and revision, to ensure that the crawler crane construction site fully meet the requirements. As a "middle school with" a combination of results, combined conditions Xugong XGC88000 more, boom conditions, the tower arm condition, condition-specific jib and single pulley condition, etc., the most long arm to reach 216 meters, making broader applicability and product engineering.


 Since 1000 XCMG ton, 2000 ton crawler cranes have been put into construction applications has been successfully carried out dozens of large-scale lifting equipment to safe and reliable quality, advanced optimization techniques, and practical in the field of large-scale projects to establish the lead position. XGC88000 crawler cranes successfully developed, once again leading the Chinese construction machinery industry, the progress in this product area for the world crawler crane technology has set a new milestone.

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