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Sany 86 m the world's longest boom pump formally certified by the Guinness Book of World Records

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December 11, 2011, held in Boao, Hainan, "Sany Heavy Industry Summit 2011" on 86 meters the world's longest boom pump formally certified by the Guinness Book of World Records, the certification officer Amanda • Mo Chan (Amanda Mochan) made a special trip to come from the United States, personally, "the world's longest boom pump" certificate handed Sany CEO Yi Xiaogang hands.

Reporters noted that the Guinness Book of World Records certification bodies be Sany "old friend", and this is their third issue certificates for this company. Four years ago, Trinity pump 66 meters for the construction machinery industry hit the first Guinness Book of Records; two years ago, Trinity 72 m pump to refresh the record; now, this year off the assembly line on September 19 to 86 m pump, once again set new industry benchmark, if it is stretched horizontally, the equivalent of a one hundred meters runway.

Long arm of the frame pump once monopolized by foreign brands in 1997, the first breakthrough in technology Sany blockade, since the development boom in the 50 meters above the area was "Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles." It has been that, in terms of long arm of the frame relative to the Pump pump less practical, is not the case. Thirty-one a refresh on the Guinness World Record for the epoch-making products - 72 m pump, has been widely involved in many large-scale construction projects, as if key projects, special projects and challenging construction projects in the "number one hero"; this year, Sany 62 m pump rush to the rescue of Japan Fukushima nuclear crisis, the "big giraffe" is a sensation in the world. Today, the long arm rack pump gain industry recognition, many domestic construction machinery enterprises are entering the field, "Riding Alone" had become the "Legion."

Sense on the industry, 86 m pump the same with "Guinness" type of aura, it created a three highest in the world - the longest boom, boom section, the largest number of pumping the maximum displacement. Although it is "Steel Giants", but tailor-made 9-axle chassis, so the minimum turning radius of only 15 meters, can ease the road, but also in small and rugged field operations, and a smooth, comfortable and off-road much better than the common chassis. Sany is very optimistic about the 86 m pump market prospects, in addition to technical excellence, it's cost is the highest.

Yi Xiaogang has set a rhetoric: "There is confidence in the longest boom pump in the Guinness Book of World Records will always remain in the Trinity!" Sincere remark reflects three one person, one consistent with the spirit of courage, when Sany from zero started, has become the world's largest concrete machinery manufacturer. And this long ago, China's construction machinery industry customer satisfaction survey results show, Sany's pump, Pump, etc. 8 users rated products are "self-brand customer satisfaction first."

It is understood that "annual summit" is the most important brand Sany activities each year, has been successfully held four times this year, is particularly grand and festive look. In the 86 m pump by the Guinness Book of World Records certified the same time, the world's top financial media, "Financial Times" representative, but also for Sany Heavy Industry (600031. SH) issued a "Global 500 market value" certificates, more than 1,000 live Name customers to witness this moment.
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